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Recognized excellent performance 1 high quality and technical skills 1 beautiful design as well We propose a new
standard for windows with leading technology and outstanding competitiveness. It is the world's first terraced plane
structure system that automatically drains the rainwater in the window frame to the outside, and one can experience
the nation's best water-tightness performance and beautiful design.

The refined interior effect and the luxurious design that heightens the class of windows creates a deep and
profound interior atmosphere.
It is a window that has applied the rail concealment system and made a ground-breaking improvement to the
indispensable performances of windows such as insulation, water-tightness, air-permeability, inside-wind
pressure, condensation prevention and etc. as well as to the exterior(design), by using the rail cover to conceal
the exposed bottom rail and creating a bottom frame with a clean plane structure.